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Dual Language Education

The Mission of Dual Language Education at Quarry Trail:
Dual Language Education at Quarry Trail Elementary School will ensure all students have equitable access to educational excellence.  We will provide rigorous, relevant, and culturally competent dual-language instruction in Spanish and English to ensure students reach high levels of academic achievement, bilingualism, biliteracy, and sociocultural competence.  We are committed to the integration of rich opportunities for our students, families, staff, and community to experience and honor multilingualism and culture. 
About Us/Sobre nosotros
Dual Language Education/Educación bilingüe
Dual language education provides students a host of academic, cognitive, social and emotional benefits. People who are bilingual tend to have better task planning, more flexible thinking, longer attention spans, and the ability to multitask than people who are monolingual. Being bilingual also provides the ability to see the world from more than one perspective, which is an ongoing boon in today’s globalized world.
What is Spanish Dual Language?/¿Qué es la inmersión dual en español?
Spanish Dual Language is carefully designed to support students’ learning academic standards in two languages. Language instruction is carefully integrated into all subject areas so that students are learning not only new concepts but also deepening their grasp of both English and Spanish. Spanish-speaking and English-speaking children serve as language models for each other. At Quarry Trail, our 50/50 model means that all students spend half the day learning in Spanish from a Spanish-speaking teacher and half the day learning in English from an English-speaking teacher.
Click the link above to review Frequently Asked Questions in both English and Spanish.
Click the link above to view the presentation from the parent information night held on June 1, 2022.
Curriculum/Plan de estudios
Our curriculum and instruction are carefully designed to support students’ reaching high levels of academic and linguistic achievement. Subjects are divided between languages so that students will learn standards in their first and second languages while transferring learned skills and concepts from one language to another.