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Birthday Celebrations at QT

"A child’s birthday is a family celebration. We do not permit the use of instructional time to “celebrate” a child’s birthday. Balloons, presents, etc., should be presented to your child at home. Cake, candy, or cookies at school are discouraged. The sugar makes it difficult for our students to focus on learning. To avoid hurt feelings, please refrain from distributing birthday or party invitations at school unless the entire class is invited."  QTES School Handbook 2023-2024

Remember you can celebrate your student's birthday week on the marquee and office screen by completing this form.  We will need at least 2 weeks notice prior to special day with payment (checks made out to Quarry Trail Elementary).  Once payment is made you will recieve an email with a link to your student's slide to add pictures and messages.  The slide and/or Marquee will run for 1 week on designated location(s)

Thank you!
Principal Patterson
Prices for birthday options

Prices for birthday options

Front office Screen with pictures - $20
Outside Marquee with "Happy Birthday (Student Name)" - $30
Both Options - $40